About the Summit

The Summit was founded in 1995 in order to help secure the future of children’s programming in a rapidly-changing world. Formerly known as the ‘World Summit on Media for Children’, the Summit is held every three years, beginning in Australia. London was the host city in 1998, followed by Kuala Lumpur in 2014, and Manchester in 2017.

The 2021 Global Summit on Media for Children will welcome delegates from across the world to join this unique event, given the challenges on how the media around the world can serve global young audience.

For the first time, Indonesia is honoured to host this momentous event, given the challenges many Asia-Pacific nations face in serving their young audinces. Indonesia alone has more than 100-million people aged under 24 and more than a quarter of our total population – some 65-million - are aged under 14, but whether we are large or small nations, we all face the challenges of serving younger audiences in an evolving digital world. TVRI, the Indonesian Public Service Broadcaster, is proud to be hosting the forum this year with the theme "Diverse Media for Diverse Children". To find out more about the World Summit on Media Foundation click Here

Over the three-day Summit, workshop sessions and keynotes will focus on five key themes: Protection,Education, Empowerment, Innovation, and Entertainment.

  • Keynotes, panels and world-class research exploring the biggest questions in children’s media
  • Insightful, influential and in-demand speakers from media and beyond
  • Exhibitors showcasing content and technology